Copper Leaf Infinity - Believes it's important to give back to our community by volunteering. Our mission is to be a catalyst for financial stability through education, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy while providing volunteer opportunities to bring people together.


Our program will be around for many years to come with our emphasis on growing the Infinity Endowment. This fund will be an example to other organizations illustrating the importance of compounding interest. We believe great things can be accomplished with long term strategic planning. Copper Leaf Infinity plans to grow the endowment while still providing funding for local community enhancement projects.  

Recent Community Projects:

1) Habitat for Humanity Home Build:

Habitat for Humanity assists family's who can not obtain a standard mortgage. We assisted with a recent home build and organized local volunteers to participate with the project. Working on this build was very rewarding for not only the volunteers but also for the community.

2) Ramp Build:

A community member was in need of a ramp for their home to improve their quality of life. Before the ramp was installed it was very difficult for the homeowner to enter his own home. Our volunteers had a great time building this ramp for a wonderful individual. This project brought multiple organizations together and the comradery the volunteers felt was irreplaceable. 

SAWs Organization:

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West Lafayette, IN

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